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Armada Vineyard Syrah (2003-present)

Bionic Frog Syrah (2000-present)

Cailloux Vineyard Syrah (1999-present)

Cailloux Vineyard Viognier (1999-2007, 2011-2018, 2020-present)

Camaspelo (1997, 1999-present)

Edith Grenache Rosé (2007-present)

En Cerise Vineyard Syrah (2000-present)

En Chamberlin Vineyard Syrah (2002-present)

Flying Pig (2001-present)

God Only Knows Grenache (2005-present)

Impulsivo Tempranillo (2002-present)

The Lovers (2010-present)

Widowmaker Cabernet-Sauvignon (2002-present)

Wallah Wallah Special Series

No Longer Produced:

Coccinelle Vineyard Syrah (2000-2003)

Cobblestone Vineyard Syrah (1998 renamed Cailloux in 1999)

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